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Why customize your blog?

Customizing your blog helps it stand out and be more memorable and with all of the tools Hashnode provides us with it's fun to mess around with. I've experimented with it a lot as you may have noticed so here are all of the tricks I use.

Now I'll preface all of this by saying that you need to be a Hashnode ambassador to be able to do a lot of what I'm about to talk about (namely anything using custom CSS). If you don't know how to become an ambassador they explain it here - it's pretty easy.

Strap in, it's a little longer of a read but it's well worth it!

Custom navigation links

So as far as I can tell you can't actually just add custom links to your blog's navigation, but you can achieve the same effect using custom page rules.

Start by adding a page to your blog by going to "Pages > Create new Page" in your blog dashboard.

Pages setting

Then you just need to head over to "Advanced" and add a redirect from the page you created to the desired URL.


Custom CSS

Okay, so one of the most obvious and powerful ways to customize your blog is the custom CSS feature. Hashnode provides you with a list of classes you can target along with some DOs and DONTs.

Add your own text

Now for those who don't know you can actually add content to HTML using pure CSS, including text! The way you do this is by using the content: '' property on the :before or :after selector of an element.

For example, here's how I added the big "My Blog" title on the home page:

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